10 Social Media Sins You Should Strictly Avoid Doing on Instagram

A person who records every small event of the day on Facebook is hated by all. People who tweet anything before thinking also get in trouble. Posting loads of pictures of your pet may definitely cost you more on Flickr. Every social platform, even Instagram, has its flaws and a specific etiquette you should know. Instagram is one of the best ways to stay connected with friends or to share your strategies of social media marketing. But if you use it badly, it may cost your social image as a business or individual. Here are the top sins you should strictly avoid doing in Instagram. There are loads of them, but you can avoid most of them with some logic.

Be Genuine

It is sure that you may fall in love with the picture of someone else. If you “regram” or repost it, be sure to give credit to them. Taking a screenshot, cropping it and posting it with your own name is not just rude, it is illegal too.

P.S. – No Cat Again!

There are some clichés on Instagram, such as posting loads of pictures of a cat which can annoy the followers. Cats are cute, but it doesn’t mean you can overload your gallery with their pictures. You may post a picture once in a while which is acceptable. Not just cats, it also applies on other things, like your shoes.

Post Something Acceptable

Your fans may not want you to show some things to the world. It can be anything like drugs, porn or something illegal you are posting on Instagram. Though it seems an art for some, it is called as gross. Post something they really want you to show.

Don’t Overload It with Your Pictures

Your followers love to see your snaps. If they see several snaps in a day, it is okay! Don’t overload it with hundreds of photos within five minutes. It may annoy them. Keep it consistent so your followers know what they can expect next.

Use Hashtags

How does someone know what this image is all about? This way, hashtags are used to categorize images and posts. Give your fans some info about the pictures you are uploading. Don’t overuse them.

Don’t Post Dozens of Dog and Child Photos Daily

No doubt, your baby is adorable and cute, and so your dog is. Like in cat’s case, it is too much if you post hundreds of photos of your dog and child daily. Post a single best picture of your child once in a while.

Too Much Selfie is too boring

People don’t like to see hundreds of pictures of your pouts on Instagram. They would like to see how was your sister’s wedding, your trip to an exotic island and your artsy shot at the park. So, have some control on your self-portrait. Point your camera to someone or something rather than you.

Doodles! Not Again!!!

Your fans and friends are here on Instagram to see your creative snaps, not your doodles. If you drew something creative or piece of artwork as an artist, show it off on Facebook.

A Like for a Like Doesn’t Make Sense

Liking a picture indicates that you really like the picture. If you like someone else’s picture just because you want to get his/her like back, it is pointless. Following someone? It doesn’t mean they would follow you back.

Instagram is Not All about Posting Photos

Instagram is like a diary where you can record some of the great moments of your life, like the moment you did water rafting, went skydiving or got married. You can share pictures you liked the most.

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