4 Tips For Growing Your Twitter Follower List

Twitter is the social media site that one day may become your greatest source of website traffic and the place you leverage to make money online. Before that can happen, you have to get serious about building up your Twitter Follower List.

It should come as no surprise that the size of your Twitter Follower list will mostly dictate how much money you can make online. Just because it is a social media site, does not mean that the money is not in the list.

Just like your online business, having a large Twitter list enables you to send out a note to your list members and get them to take some sort of action – visit an affiliate product, your website or visit your blog. The difference is that with Twitter those posts are called “tweets” and you can only use 140 characters for your message.

So how do you exactly go about building a large Twitter Following? You follow these four tactics:

Be Consistent – When you get started with Twitter, it might be frustrating if you do not see your Follower list grow dramatically. You might only get a few Followers a day at first, but do not get discouraged.

Stick with it and make sure you tweet several times daily, day in and day out. You will see your efforts begin to pay off as time goes by – again, building a large Twitter Following does not happen overnight.

Become a Reporter – Twitter is a great platform for breaking news quickly. After all, you just have to tweet something in less than 140 characters and it goes out to your entire Follower list.

When you report late-breaking news or provide links to great blog posts you have just read, you have a higher chance of getting your tweets “Retweeted.” Retweeting is what happens when someone likes your tweet and re-sends it out to their list of Followers.

Usually the person who Retweets the post will add “RT” at the front of the tweet to note that they were not the originator of the tweet. The cool thing for you is that they will also include your user ID in the tweet. This gets you exposure to their entire list of Followers.

Be a Retweeter – Speaking of Retweeting, you should do just that – Retweet great posts you come across. When you do this and leave the original message owner’s Twitter ID intact, the Retweet will get seen by everyone who Follows them.

This is a great way to increase your exposure and pick up some new Followers UK. Just do not abuse this tactic because people are not dumb and know that there is a certain percentage of people who Retweet just to be seen.

Become a Tweeter of Value – Above all, strive to provide great content to your Followers. Sending out inspirational quotes, jokes or links to cool videos is what people want to see. Take note of the tweets that you read and appreciate and learn from them.

Tweet by Tweet You Will Grow Your Twitter List – In Conclusion
These are just 4 ways that you can grow your Twitter Follower list. The common thread among all 4 is the fact that you have to use them daily for them to work. In addition, I did not mention any underhanded techniques or strategies. They exist but do not work over the long haul.

Stick to providing great value on Twitter and you will quickly get noticed and building your Follower list will happen soon enough.

Bonus Tip – I would also urge you to Follow people who provide outstanding value on Twitter. You can find these people by looking at the Retweets of the people you are following. If you start seeing the same name pop up again and again, then that person might be someone to Follow.

Speaking of Following people, I would love to connect with you and Follow You on Twitter and share more of my Twitter tips with you.

Fabio Marciano – The List Profit Coach – Author of over 45 ebooks who created 3 separate 20,000 member email lists

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