Instagram story views

Instagram stories are one of the most recent services in Instagram. This is a new function that basically allows Instagram users to upload and write over unfiltered videos and photos that disappear after twenty four hours. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this opportunity to interact with their customers as well as persuade potential customers in a more effective approach. Instagram story is an efficient means to combine images and words in order to create a perfect impression to customers. Just like in any other business, the higher the amount of customers you’ve got, the higher the chances of attractive huge numbers of potential customers. This is why you should buy Instagram story views to attract organic views.

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Everything You Should Know about Instagram’s 3D Touch on Android

Recently, Apple released the latest range of iPhone, starting with 6s, which comes with new features like 3D Touch. There are some new sensors on the screen to tell when you are pressing on screen softly and it measures the consistent changes on pressure.

So, if you are looking after the app that can keep you amazed with the revolutionary 3D Touch technology, Instagram is the best bet. This photo-sharing app has created the buzz with new 3D Touch by allowing users to peek at profile info and photos with 3 APIs offered by Apple. For a week or so, we had just 3D Touch devices. But engineers at Instagram have set a new benchmark for other apps. The company gives a peek to the developers on implementing the new 3D Touch APIs. They can find out how 3D Touch becomes more powerful than ever. Here are some of the amazing parts you should know about –

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10 Social Media Sins You Should Strictly Avoid Doing on Instagram

A person who records every small event of the day on Facebook is hated by all. People who tweet anything before thinking also get in trouble. Posting loads of pictures of your pet may definitely cost you more on Flickr. Every social platform, even Instagram, has its flaws and a specific etiquette you should know. Instagram is one of the best ways to stay connected with friends or to share your strategies of social media marketing. But if you use it badly, it may cost your social image as a business or individual. Here are the top sins you should strictly avoid doing in Instagram. There are loads of them, but you can avoid most of them with some logic.

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